2022 Available Scholarships

Abbey Paving Co. Scholarship  $10,000
Althoff Family Memorial Scholarship  $10,000
The Barbara Family Scholarship  $10,000
Sylvia DeRosa Memorial Scholarship  $10,000
Jerry Golf, Sr. Family Scholarship  $10,000
Pasquale Greco Scholarship  $10,000
Edward F. Heil Scholarship  $10,000
IUOE Local 150 Scholarship  $10,000
Michael Magee Family Scholarship  $10,000
MZI Group Scholarship  $10,000
Margaret “Marge” Snelten Memorial Scholarship  $10,000
Donald E. Stephens Memorial Scholarship  $10,000
James N. Ahern Memorial Scholarship  $5,000
James Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship  $5,000
Eno Inc Scholarship  $5,000
Friend of the Palumbo Foundation Scholarship  $5,000
John Liberatore Memorial Scholarship  $5,000

Rose Paving LLC Scholarship  $5,000
Paul Salce Memorial Scholarship   $5,000
Patricia A. Burke Memorial Scholarship  $2,500
John D. Crededio Memorial Scholarship  $2,500
Hanson Aggregates Scholarship  $2,500
Hinsdale Bank & Trust Scholarship $2,500
Katsaros Law Scholarship  $2,500
M & J Asphalt Paving Co., Inc.  $2,500
Daniel McKay Family Scholarship   $2,500
Mesirow Inspire Scholarship  $2,500
Murphy Construction Services Scholarship $2,500
The Patching People, Inc. Scholarship  $2,500
Pavestar, LLC Scholarship   $2,500
R.A. Peterson Co. Scholarship   $2,500
Edith Tilman Memorial Scholarship $2,500
Dubois Paving Co. Scholarship  $1,000
Sarah Anne Veatch Memorial Scholarship  $1,000

The Palumbo Family Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit charitable organization. The administration of the foundation is all volunteers; a 100% of the net proceeds of donations and fundraising events give hope and inspiration to young adults looking for financial help to continue their education after high school; as well as children with medical needs.